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Tech House & Minimal

MirrorBox offers transformative experiences through a carefully designed electronic music ensemble and live contemporary art performances at the most unique locations worldwide. At Mirrorbox, we strive to work with up-and-coming talent in music, technology, and art, ensuring their grooves, light shows, and sculptures flourish on a worthy international stage.

Why? - because we believe these experiences are the much-needed antidote to our fast-paced world where instant gratification is up for grabs. And so, we invite people from all cultures to hit pause and step into the MirrorBox. Come with an open mind and let it challenge your way of thinking. Let it inspire you, bring you into a state of curiosity and contemplation, and open you up for new physical and mental connections - because that’s what life’s about.

Step into reflection and become enlightened.

Our Walls Mirror, These Walls Mirror. MIRRORBOX